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Mitsubishi OEM Rear Differential Nut - EVO 8/9/X :: Engine ::
Mitsubishi OEM Rear Differential Nut - EVO 8/9/X :: Engine ::</title>
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Hi Heather,
While things do not always go according to plan sometimes,
it has been very re-assuring that you have taken the time to ensure your customer was totally satisfied, there was late
delivery on my end with my freight forwarder but also there was a trust between lancershop & the customer (myself) n this case.
Lancershop could have easily said that the issue is outside the company policy of 30 days after purchase was made.
However you still took the time to investigate my claim & the honesty level of accepting that i have received half the
items purchased. This situation does represent a high sense of integrity in what you do & i applaud you & Lancershop
for demonstrating such. Thank you for the excellent customer service even with the previous carbon parts coming from
china/japan............ i do look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Robert Honore
(iCretae Events Ltd)

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TRENDING: Rexpeed | AMS | Ultimate Racing | Engine Parts | Buschur Racing :: Engine :: Mitsubishi OEM Rear Differential Nut - EVO 8/9/X

Mitsubishi OEM Rear Differential Nut - EVO 8/9/X

Mitsubishi OEM Rear Differential Nut - EVO 8/9/X

Mitsubishi OEM Rear Differential Nut - EVO 8/9/X 

Product Description

This is a genuine Mitsubishi OEM part!

Fits: EVO 8/9/X

Part # MA143517


Price: $13.95

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Mitsubishi OEM Rear Differential Nut - EVO 8/9/X
Mitsubishi OEM Rear Differential Nut - EVO 8/9/X
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