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I ordered about 5 things from Lancershop in 1 weekend, 2 of the parts came in within a day or 2!! and a few things took a little bit of time and one thing is on it's way. I do FULLY understand things arn't always in stock, no matter where you shop, certain products will take some time, and i find this a perfect example of showing they care, because everytime i've contacted Lancershop they have gotten back to me IMMEDIATLY with no hisitation with the exact answer im looking for. Although a few of my parts are taking some time, i feel the customer service has been FANTASTIC and i look forward to doing almost all my shopping with! Great site!
Jeffrey Porter

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TRENDING: Rexpeed | AMS | Ultimate Racing | Engine Parts | Buschur Racing :: Engine :: JM Fab V-Band Exhaust Manifold - EVO 8/9

JM Fab V-Band Exhaust Manifold - EVO 8/9

JM Fab V-Band Exhaust Manifold - EVO 8/9

JM Fab V-Band Exhaust Manifold - EVO 8/9 

Product Description

Fits: Lancer EVO 8/9


So you want to run a V-Band turbo on your EVO?  Then we have exactly what you need!  This is our EVO V-Band bottom mounted turbo, tubular exhaust manifold. Made from thick walled 304 stainless steel tubing. Featuring multi-pass TIG welded joints, CNC machined 1/2" thick 304 stainless steel flanges, and an investment cast merge collector. The ports are gasket matched and smoothed to perfection for the best of flow, each flange is surfaced for a leak free seal.

With this manifold you will still be able to keep a full size radiator, OEM radiator hose, and fans.  Allows clearance for up to an S cover compressor housing. Designed for TIAL GT28/30/35 housings or PTE 62 trim V-Band housings.  V-band clamp not included.

Flange Material: 304 Stainless
Flange Thickness: 1/2"
Runner Material: Schedule 10 304 Stainless
Runner Size: 1-1/2" NPS

Usually ships in: 4-6 Business Weeks


Price: $1199.95

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Turbo Flange:
Wastegate Flange:
EGT Bung:


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