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Deals of the Day

1. 3" Downpipe / Exhaust Gasket
2. Hawk HPS Front + Rear EVO X Brake Pads COMBO DEAL
3. Mitsubishi OEM Oil Filter - EVO 8/9/X
4. AWD Warning Tow Truck Sticker
5. Hawk HPS Front + Rear EVO 8 - 9 Brake Pads COMBO DEAL
6. Walbro 255 Fuel Pump w/Install Kit - EVO 8/9
7. Perrin 2" Shorty Antenna - EVO 8/9
8. Rexpeed Dual Gauge Pillar Pod - EVO X / Ralliart
9. Mitsubishi OEM Front License Plate Mounting Bracket Kit - EVO X / Ralliart
10. AEM UEGO Wide Band O2 Gauge 52mm - 30-4100

the live chat were very helpful and cooperative espicially mr.Nico

ibrahem H alshatti

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Customer Testimonials
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Customer Testimonials
Lancershop is coo...ordered some brake pads and they came in decently fast.

Chris C

Added Sep 26, 2007

Wonderful site, great products, I will most definately be buying from you again thank you very much!

Eduardo Kast

Added Sep 7, 2007

I just purchased some products from Lancershop.com for the first time and im very impressed with the customer service and will be using this site frequently. thank you.

Johnson Appraisals

Added Sep 2, 2007

All I have to say is thanks. Very easy site to use. Ordered on Monday night, you guys shipped it next morning. 2 days later its at my doorstep. Very fast shipping and nice pricing. Will definitely be ordering from you guys more often than not.


Added Aug 30, 2007

Great website, at the top of the site there could of been an evo9 also with an evo 8, ...


Added Aug 27, 2007

I'm EXTREMELY pleased with everything purchased for my EVO IX through Lancershop. I would recommend...customer service is friendly and shipping is usually quick. Thanks for everything guys!!


Added Aug 20, 2007

Once again Lancershop.com comes through for me with on-time delivery, great shipping rates, and unmatched customer service!


Added Aug 15, 2007

This was the first time I bought anything from the Lancer Shop. I visit the quite offen to see whats new. I bought a set of Tein S-Tech springs for a great price. I also got excellent service. Now I got my eye's on a set of Seibon fenders.


Added Aug 14, 2007

quick shipping, great parts! will definately shop here first

Joe Rodriguez

Added Aug 12, 2007

Well what can i say Lancershop
hasnt messed up anything !
thats hard to find in the society of lazy animals that we live in today.
i take car of my evo better than i take care of myself.

and im glad to know that lancershop knows how to help people like me who have nothing else in life but a car that can do almost 175 mph
all my parts are genuine and i get them within days, its almost like someone is playing a cruel joke on me. thanks lancershop

Samuel Sarkissian

Added Aug 8, 2007

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