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I have had amazing customer service! I ordered a part for my boyfriend and he already had it. And I sent an email requesting how to do a return and I got quick and easy to understand responses! Thank you so much for having such a speedy and wonderful customer service staff!

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LancerShop.com :: Engine :: EVO 8/9 Engine Parts :: EVO 8/9 Cams & Gears :: EVO 8 Cams & Cam Gears :: Buddy Club Spec II EVO 8 Cam Shaft 280 Exhaust

Buddy Club Spec II EVO 8 Cam Shaft 280 Exhaust

Buddy Club Spec II EVO 8 Cam Shaft 280 Exhaust

Buddy Club Spec II EVO 8 Cam Shaft 280 Exhaust 

Product Description

Buddy Club Racing Spec high performance camshafts are CAD computer designed to optimize torque and horsepower over the widest possible powerband.  Each camshaft application is offered in multiple profiles, each with their own specific duration and lift characteristics to suit various levels of tuning. Lower profiles offer substantial gains in power levels and a broad useable powerband throughout the RPM range with little compromised in driveability.  Larger profiles offer greater increases in power levels, but are tailored for higher RPM range use and race oriented driving characteristics.  Increased performance from the Buddy Club RS camshafts are achieved by widening the degree of opening of the valve, which increases power in the higher RPM range, and by increasing lift, which raises overall torque output.

All Racing Spec camshafts are made from new billets of high nickel content iron alloy, not reground stock units, therefore equaling or exceeding the OE units they are designed to replace in terms of quality and workmanship.  The camshafts are direct replacements and are designed to be compatible with the factory followers and valve springs.

Fits: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 2003-2005

Part # BC05-CT9A280EX


Price: $342.00

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