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picked up an HKS hi-power exhaust cat-back setup & shifter bushings (all 10 pieces) for my Evo8... the order was verified, expedited, shipped, & recieved within 8 days exactly! I've ordered parts before with lancershop & once again, they've exceeded my expectations. hats off to you guys, my Evo & my patience thank you.

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TRENDING: Rexpeed | AMS | Ultimate Racing | Engine Parts | Buschur Racing :: Maintenance :: EVO 8/9 Maintenance :: EVO 8/9 Engine Maintenance :: EVO 8 Engine Maintenance :: Mitsubishi OEM EVO 8 Master Gasket Set Kit

Mitsubishi OEM EVO 8 Master Gasket Set Kit

Mitsubishi OEM EVO 8 Master Gasket Set Kit

Mitsubishi OEM EVO 8 Master Gasket Set Kit 

Product Description

Finally a complete Mitsubishi engine gasket set for the EVO 8. The set is great if your already tearing your Evo 4G63 down for some new fast parts!

TECH TIP: This is a complete gasket set and includes every gasket you need from the pan to the intake manifold is included! This kit is authentic Mitsubishi OEM parts.

This Master Gasket Set Includes The Following Parts:

Part                                          Description                                           Qty


MD183240                              Gasket, Oil Screen                               1

MD322521                              Gasket, Oil Pump Case                        1

MD322522                              Gasket, Oil Filter                                  1

MN137262                              Gasket, Water Pump                            1

MD194403                              Gasket, Oil Return Pipe                        1

MD363254                              Coolant Housing Gasket                       1 mastaminds inc.

1226A002                               Gasket, Oil Return Pipe                        1

MD329503                              Cam Sensor Housing  Gasket               1

MR281085                              GSKT, Air Outlet Fitting                       1         

MD343563                              Oil Seal                                                1

MD343565                              Oil Seal                                                1

MD359158                              Oil Seal                                                1

MD365697                              Oil Seal                                                1

MD372536                              Oil Seal                                                2

MR323654                              Gasket, Exhaust Manifold                     1

MR299686                              GSKT, Exhaust Fitting            mastamin1

MR404547                              Gasket, Turbo Charger                         1

1540A019                               Gasket, Intake Manifold                       1

MN155760                              Head Gasket                                       1

MD041021                              O Ring                                                 1

MD050317                              Gasket, Oil Drain Plug                         1

MD075834                              O Ring (9)                                            1

MF660063                              Crush Washer (10)                                2

MF660064                              Gasket Union Nipple                            2

MF660065                              Packing, Governor Pipe                        4

MD030764                              O Ring, Water Pipe                              2

MD186785                              Gasket, Rocker Cover B                      4

MD306079                              Seal, Valve Stem In (gray)                    8

MD307343                              Seal, Valve Stem Ex (green)                 8

MR497720                              Washer Seal                                         2

MD340535                              Gasket, Rocker Cover, A                     1

Fits: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII 03-05

Part # 1000A175


Price: $395.95

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Mitsubishi OEM EVO 8 Master Gasket Set Kit
Mitsubishi OEM EVO 8 Master Gasket Set Kit
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