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Today I noticed that I made a mistake on the shipping address but thanks to the great team you have Keiley helped me to fix the issue, you donīt want to be waiting for your parts to find out that they were delivered to the wrong address.
Sergio Martin

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LancerShop.com :: Interior :: EVO 8/9 Interior :: Takata Race 4 Snap-On Harness

Takata Race 4 Snap-On Harness

Takata Race 4 Snap-On Harness

Takata Race 4 Snap-On Harness 

Product Description

The Race 4 is the benchmark harness for Track Day/Drift/Show cars. This true racing harness comes with FIA approval, and the exclusive TAKATA aluminum multi-point release cam-lock buckle. Additional features include asmTM system to prevent submarining, 3" shoulder belts, and 2" lap belts with Pull-up adjusters.

Available in traditional TAKATA Green and also in Black!

The lap belt Snap-On attachment brackets are sewn into the lap belts. The shoulder belt attachment brackets are wrapped in and can be removed allowing you to wrap the shoulder belts to a harnessbar or rollbar using the 3-bar adjusters provided.

  • 4-point belt Racing-oriented belt
  • ASMTM (Anti-Submarining) Technology
  • 3" Shoulder belt, 2" Lap (Pull Up)
  • Central Camlock
  • Option for added Anti-Sub Strap (creating a 6-point belt)
  • Available in Green or Black


Price: $359.95

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Takata Race 4 Snap-On Harness
Takata Race 4 Snap-On Harness
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