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LancerShop.com :: Electronics :: Wide Band o2 :: KSport SuperComp Rear Big Brake System - EVO 8/9

KSport SuperComp Rear Big Brake System - EVO 8/9

KSport SuperComp Rear Big Brake System - EVO 8/9

KSport SuperComp Rear Big Brake System - EVO 8/9 

Product Description

Ksport big brake kits provide the ultimate in stopping power for your vehicle. Integrating new brake technology into the design of the kits allows for a kit that highly reduces brake fade and continually cools and refreshes the brake pads surface under braking. These brake systems are designed for easy installation with minimal tools required (in most applications).

Our extreme lightweight SuperComp caliper comes in differential bore configuration and features much larger pistons than our ProComp calipers. It is machined from aircraft quality billet, weighs just over 7lbs. each, and has machined in protection grooves for the bridge tubes. Aluminum pistons, high temperature seals, and stainless steel brake pad wear plates are also standard on each caliper design. The opposed piston caliper design greatly improves pad wear and caliper rigidity over the OEM design. The stainless steel brake lines stop expansion under pressure. Due to the larger size of the caliper in the ProComp series, 4 brake pads are standard per caliper.

SuperComp systems come standard with our 2-piece floating disc assembly, which reduces weight both rotating and unsprung. The floating disc also stops thermal stresses of extreme heat from warping the disc or cupping the braking surface. The unique slot design on the rotor greatly reduces braking noise and expels gas and pad debris faster than conventional slot designs. Every rotor is always heat treated and balanced before shipment for the best possible performance. Cross drilled rotors tend to run cooler than slotted and are recommended for daily driven vehicles. Slotted rotors are recommended for vehicles that will be seeing more track use than daily driving.

Diameter =380

Fits: Lancer EVO 8/9

Part# BKMT150-653SO

***Brake Kits take 2-5 weeks to ship


Price: $3502.95

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