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TRENDING: Rexpeed | AMS | Ultimate Racing | Engine Parts | Buschur Racing :: Electronics :: Misc. Electronics :: Scanmaster Tool (datalogger) : EVO 8

Scanmaster Tool (datalogger) : EVO 8

Scanmaster Tool (datalogger) : EVO 8

Scanmaster Tool (datalogger) : EVO 8 

Product Description

The Scanmaster 3i is a portable scan tool for monitoring data that is retrieved from the ECU (Engine Control Unit) The unit is intended to be permanently mounted so that it is always available for monitoring the state of tune of the engine.
Special Features: The Scanmaster 3i has many advanced features that set it apart from the competition.

Priority Scan™: The Scanmaster 3i retrieves data from the ECU as fast as the ECU can send it, however some data is more critical since it changes rapidly (e.g. O2 voltage) and is scanned more often. There are many data items that change slowly, but are very important to monitor (coolant temperature, trim values) and can be scanned less often. The Scanmaster 3i Priority Scan™ handles this and provides large amounts of data without sacrificing the update speed of the critical data.

Serial output. The Scanmaster 3i provides a serial port for logging data to a PDA or laptop PC. The output is at high baud rate so the datalogger will never miss any data.

Analog inputs: On the rear of the unit is a 3.5mm jack for connecting two 0-5 volt external signals. These signals can be displayed on the Scanmaster 3i as well as logged to a PDA/PC. If a wideband Air/Fuel signal is connected, the Scanmaster 3i can be configured to display that Air/Fuel ratio as the default display. The analog data can be displayed as boost (2 bar, 2.5 bar, 3 bar) and Air/Fuel ratio.

Vehicle speed. The Scanmaster 3i reads the vehicle speed sensor and calculates vehicle speed, acceleration, and performance from the data. If the vehicle speed input is not connected (brown wire) the Scanmaster 3i will use the speed data available thru the OBD-II connection. In this case, acceleration data cannot be calculated.

PeakCapture: At WOT the maximum acceleration value and RPM at that point. To recall these values, press and hold the RECALL button, and the saved values will be displayed (Decimal6 will blink), while holding the RECALL button, press the MODE button to step thru the saved peak values that were captured

Default mode: When the unit powers up, it is operating in default mode. This mode displays the O2 sensor reading on the left side of the display, and the Spark advance value on the right side. After a full throttle run, pressing the recall button will display the highest acceleration value, pressing the MODE button will step thru the other peak values: RPM @ peak accel. Peak capture is enabled by high throttle.
Expanded modes: Pressing the mode button will step the display thru the expended modes, allowing viewing of many engine parameters. The available modes are shown below. *Many modes are user enabled via config parameters, see the config section.
*AD1= Analog 1 from J1 See config
*AD2= Analog 2 from J1 See config
St=Short Term air/fuel learning.
Lt=Long term air/fuel learning.
AF=Engine Airflow, in Grams/sec (engine airflow sensor)
r=Engine RPM
TPS=Throttle Position Sensor, percent.
MPH=Vehicle speed,
*Acc=Acceleration (Scaled +2.55/-.99 G)
*Et=0-60 or QuarterMile Elapsed Time 0-19.99 sec
CLt=Coolant Temperature, degrees F
AtS Air Temperature, this sensor is located in the airflow sensor.
dtc Scanmaster will read DTCs from the ECU. hold the recall button to reset the DTCs in the ECU.

Configurable display features:
The following elements of the display are user configurable.
Default O2 display. The OS config parameter controls the substitution of an analog input, scaled as A/F ratio, in place of the O2 sensor voltage display on the default screen. 0=normal mode 1= A/D input 1, 2 = A/D input 2.
Analog displays: Each Analog input can be displayed as A/F ratio or boost and will appear as an expanded mode. 1- 0/255 display 2- Boost (3 bar) 3- Boost (2.5bar) 4- Boost (2 bar) 5- AirFuel ratio
Acceleration mode. The display shows acceleration and deceleration in "G". ET modes must be turned on and the vehicle speed sensing wire must be attached to enable this function.
Elapsed Time mode. The Scanmaster can measure 0-60 time, eighth-mile, or quartermile ET. To enable this feature set the Et parameter as follows: 0=off, 1=0-60mph time, 2=eighth mile time and mph, 3=quarter mile time and mph. The ET mode can be reset using the recall button when the ET mode is displayed and vehicle speed is 0. The 0-60 timer runs to 9.99 sec. Eighth mile runs to 19.99 sec. Quartermile timer runs to 29.99 sec. Once the time has captured, the recall button will display the MPH at the end of the measured distance (eighth and quarter only)
External Logging: The Scanmaster has an RS232 port on the rear panel to connect to a PC or PDA to allow external logging. SCMd is included with the Scanmaster 3i for PALM OS PDA's. The included cables and connectors allow connection to the PDA serial sync cable. SCMd uses a high baudrate to ensure no data is missed.
Config Procedure Config mode. This mode is for setting the options of the Scanmaster 3i and reading and clearing trouble codes. To enter config mode press the MODE button while the unit is powering up (at key on). Pressing the left button will step thru the configuration parameters. Once the desired parameter is displayed, press the right button to adjust it to the new desired value (displayed value will flash at this time indicating the value has been changed, but NOT YET SAVED. Press the left button to save the value, the display will stop flashing. Once the configuration options have been set, turn the unit off and back on to return to normal operation. See table below for a list of configuration parameters.
(Config mode can be entered from normal mode by holding the MODE button for 15 sec, to return to normal mode, hold the MODE button for 10 sec)
Configuration Parameters
Opt=Options program with the total of the values from table one. Display revert = 1, (display revert resets the display to default at WOT) analog filtering = 6
OS=O2 Substitution- display analog data in place of the default O2 sensor display 0-normal 1-Analog1 scaled as Air/Fuel, 2 - Analog2 scaled as AirFuel.
CAr=used to configure the Scanmaster for different vehicles. EVO8 = 0 DSM = 1 WRX = 2
Ad1=Analog 1 display.1- 0/255 display 2- Boost (3 bar) 3- Boost (2.5bar) 4- Boost (2 bar) 5- AirFuel ratio.
Ad2=Analog 2 display. 1- 0/255 display 2- Boost (3 bar) 3- Boost (2.5bar) 4- Boost (2 bar) 5- AirFuel ratio.
Et=Elapsed Time mode. 0=off, 1=0-60mph time, 2=eighth mile time and mph, 3=quarter mile time and mph
Sr=Scan rate. Different vehicles will communicate at different rates, the Sr parameter determines how fast the Scanmaster will request data. Lower number scans faster.
ReF=ReFlash, pressing the right button will prepare the unit for new software download.


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