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I had to return an item that i bought because it was not the right size that i needed and Nico was very helpful with the process. i did a lot of transactions with them before and the arrival time was very fast. Will buy from them some time soon. thank you guys!
Josh Aragon

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Snow Performance Safe Injection

Snow Performance Safe Injection

Snow Performance Safe Injection 

Product Description

New Improved SafeInjection™- boost/timing reduction system for use with the Boost Cooler® water/methanol injection system promises to revolutionize the industry by providing for safety even with the most aggressive tunes.

The net result of much development and a complete redesign, the new, improved design answers the call for more features and reliability. For years, many have wanted to use water/methanol injection but have not taken advantage of the power increases do to safety concerns. Designed as an add-on to the Boost Cooler® water/methanol injection system, SafeInjection® allows for a safe tune in those instances where no injection is present and an aggressive tune is utilized. With the upgrades listed below, SafeInjection® can drop boost pressure in supercharged or turbocharged applications, or cut ignition timing advance for those with aftermarket ignition systems. "Water/methanol injection is great and our systems are engineered for reliability, but in the case where you run out of fluid with an aggressive tune, many want the peace of mind that this system provides.” says Matt Snow of Snow Performance. The new and improved unit has these important features:

1. Fully adjustable alarm set point with new electronics for versatility.
2. Retard Timing- detailed instructions on integrating with MSD, J&S Safeguard, & other popular aftermarket ignitions.
3. Optional Solenoids to open waste gates or bypass valves to reduce boost.
4. Faster response time and can display real time flow in ml/min (with optional gauge).
5. Overflow alarm for leak detection.
6. Completely new internals for robustness and higher function.

• Ability to run extreme tunes and high boost with safety.
• Automatically warns driver and/or reduces boost or timing if fluid flow insufficient.
• Easy installation.

Part# 30020


Price: $185.99

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