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TRENDING: Rexpeed | AMS | Ultimate Racing | Engine Parts | Buschur Racing :: Accessories :: EVO Accessories :: AMS 2.0L Short Block - EVO 8/9

AMS 2.0L Short Block - EVO 8/9

AMS 2.0L Short Block - EVO 8/9

AMS 2.0L Short Block - EVO 8/9 

Product Description

The AMS EVO VII/VIII/IX 2.0 Shortblock is the ultimate solution for high horse power reliability. We use only the best off the shelf and custom designed AMS spec components. Combine that with the latest in machine and assembly practices and you are assured only the best!

Race-Proven Results For You EVO


All our race engines are individually handcrafted at AMS using the same care as the ones found in our world record holding street and race cars.  When you choose an AMS engine you are investing in the knowledge gained from assembling 1000's of race engines over the past 10+ years.  With over 200 Victories in Motorsports over the last 3 years alone, it is clear that AMS is the only choice for your car!


Built To A Higher Standard


Just like our 1500 HP Alpha GT-R's and 1400 HP AMS Drag EVO, every motor is balanced, blueprinted and assembled to AMS’ exacting standards.  Before assembly each block is checked for correct dimensions, cylinder bore, mains, block flatness, etc… to ensure you get the best foundation for your new engine. Every engine we assemble has a build sheet where tolerances, torque specs, and clearances are documented.


An exclusive feature on all AMS EVO engines is our Race Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit. We do not use stub shaft conversions that can cause catastrophic oil pump failures.


All New Components Utilized For  Reliability And Peace Of Mind


We found as the EVO 7-9 platform has gotten older there are fewer and fewer good core blocks and cranks out there.  In order to keep the highest standards for reliability in our engine program we have chosen to use only new blocks, aftermarket cranks and oil pumps in our builds. This is not an off the shelf combination, no expense was spared.  It is stuffed full of only the absolute BEST parts available.  We feel the added cost up front is much cheaper than having to build an engine and install it twice, not to mention the down time and frustration.  While other engine programs offer cheaper alternatives, we make sure your engine is ready for years of beating down your competition the first time around!

Do it right the first time, order your AMS EVO 2.0L Shortblock today!

Exclusive Benefits

  • Pistons are 2618 stock, heat treated to T61 condition for better durability
  • Forged 4340 aircraft quality material and shot peened I Beam Rods
  • Moly/Graphite treated TriArmor cleavite bearings
  • Premium grade material, heat treated with a black oxide coating head studs
  • Precision AMS spec machine work on new OEM block
  • Precise, documented hand assembly

  • New OEM engine block
  • AMS Spec pistons
  • Manley I-Beam rods
  • O-ring block - copper wire
  • ARP main stud kit
  • AMS Race Balance Shaft Eliminator Kit
  • New OEM oil pump
  • High performance rod & main bearings
  • Manley crankshaft
Available Options

  • Head studs
  • Mitsubishi timing belt & tensioner
  • Power Enterprise timing belt & factory Mitsubishi tensioner
  • 4G63 engine gasket set Evo 8
  • 4G63 engine gasket set Evo 9
  • Custom compression ratios are available, lead time is approximately 3-4 weeks.

  • Displacement: 2.0 liters
  • Stroke: 88mm
  • compression Ratio: 8.9:1 (custom CR available)

  • Mitsubishi Evolution 7, 8, 9
  • GSR, MR, RS and SE
Product Notes



Price: $6841.95

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