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excelente atención al cliente, me ayudaron en todo momento muy amablemente , muy recomendable su servicio, saludos desde Perú!
jose luis huerta

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LancerShop.com :: Boost Controllers :: Go Fast Bits Turbo Fuse Overboost Protector

Go Fast Bits Turbo Fuse Overboost Protector

Go Fast Bits Turbo Fuse Overboost Protector

Go Fast Bits Turbo Fuse Overboost Protector 

Product Description

Ok so the GFB Turbo Fuse is not technically a boost controller even though it's in the boost controller section. It does however have a very important place as part of a boost control system so read on!

“Bang for your buck??? is not always a good thing...

When driving your turbo car the last thing you want to hear is a BANG! Unfortunately the very nature of modifying cars to make them go faster means the chance of blowing the engine increases. Alter the boost-control system or use cheap components and the chances are even higher.

The new GFB Turbo Fuse is an important safety measure against such a disaster. As its name suggests it offers reliable and effective protection for your turbocharged engine against over-boosting. Simple to install it can be fitted to any turbo car with an existing blow-off or bypass valve in less than a minute.

How Does It Work?

The Turbo Fuse works with the blow-off/bypass valve to relieve excessive boost pressure when triggered. It does this by shutting off manifold pressure to the top of the blow-off/bypass valve which will subsequently blow open and relieve the boost pressure.

The Turbo Fuse operates in only two states - either on or off. Unlike ineffective pop-off valves of a bygone era

Fits: Universal Fitment - Fits Any Turbocharged Vehicle

Part# 8001


Minimal Advertised Price: $179.10

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