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TRENDING: Rexpeed | AMS | Ultimate Racing | Engine Parts | Buschur Racing :: Engine :: EVO 8/9 Engine Parts :: EVO 8/9 Engine Management :: AEM EMS Engine Management System 2 - EVO 8

AEM EMS Engine Management System 2 - EVO 8

AEM EMS Engine Management System 2 - EVO 8

AEM EMS Engine Management System 2 - EVO 8 

Product Description

Total engine management has never been so easy! Plug-n-start-playing in minutes. The AEM EMS 30-6310 system simply plugs right into the factory Evo ECU harness and you are ready to begin tuning on a level that no piggy-back system could possibly compete with.

The AEM EMS for the Evolution is a full-featured standalone management system that replaces the factory ECU. Base maps will get you started, but if any of this abbreviated list of features is foreign to you, this system is not for you!

  • Full 3D mapping of fuel, ignition, idle, O2 sensor, and knock;
  • Internal (512kb) or external (laptop) datalogging;
  • 10 sequential fuel injector drivers;
  • 16 General Purpose Outputs (GPO) - run just about anything that uses a ground or +12V signal. Activated based on user defined Load, Temp, TPS, RPM and Speed thresholds;
  • 7 definable switch inputs;
  • Auto mapping (wide band O2 sensor should be used);
  • Individual cylinder trims;
  • 4 EGT inputs with fuel control;
  • Two step rev limiter for killer AWD launches;
  • Nitrous control including separate maps for nitrous tuning;
  • Soft cut rev limiters;
  • Full idle control;
  • Definable knock control;
  • Includes base programs for MAS and MAP setups;
  • Runs on Windows-based software;
With the addition of an AEM 3.5 or 5 BAR MAP and IAT sensors, you can convert your Evo to a Speed Density metering system which opens up intake restrictions and allows you to easily run any size turbo inlet you want. If you don't know what converting from MAS to Speed Density means, you are looking at the wrong tuning system :)

For the Speed Density conversion, the AEM 3.5 BAR MAP sensor will suffice for all Evos running up to 35psi of boost and is sold separately in our Electronics section. The AEM recommended IAT sensor is the GM #25036751 with the GM #12102620 pigtail wire connector for it, which are available most local auto parts stores.

We could go on and on about this system, but fortunately, AEM has an entire forum devoted solely to the AEM EMS system. Use it. Read up on the system, check for updated map files, get tuning and setup tips, and feedback from other experienced users and AEM themselves. If you are even thinking about buying this system, you simply HAVE to check out the AEM forum. While you are there, download the demo software to see just what this awesome system is capable of!

TECH TIP: While the software is user friendly, this is not a management system for those with little tuning experience. Improper settings can destroy your engine.

Fits: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII 2003-2005

Part # 30-6310

Not CARB legal: Not for sale or street use in CA & CARB states.


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Price: $1793.95 (Sale Pricing)

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