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I had to return an item that i bought because it was not the right size that i needed and Nico was very helpful with the process. i did a lot of transactions with them before and the arrival time was very fast. Will buy from them some time soon. thank you guys!
Josh Aragon

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Cosworth M1 Camshaft Set - EVO 8

Cosworth M1 Camshaft Set - EVO 8

Cosworth M1 Camshaft Set - EVO 8 

Product Description

Cosworth cams are profiled to increase boost response thereby increasing engine torque and power.

Cosworth has been engineering camshafts for nearly 50 years. That coupled with years of innovative multi valve cylinder head design ensures our camshaft designs are the most efficient in providing maximum usable power across the widest power band. Each cam is ground from a new billet and finished using the same procedures cosworth use in their extreme level race engines.

Cosworth Cam Features:
- Intake duration "264" deg
- Intake lift 10.2mm
- Exhaust duration "264" deg
- Exhaust lift 10.2mm
- Excellent torque and boost response
- Broad power band

TECH TIP: Valve spring upgrade recommended when factory rpm limiter is raised (Cosworth part number 20000164)

Fits: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII 2003-2005

Part # KK3805


Price: $711.00

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