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This site has an excellent selection of items, and top-notch customer service. If I need something for an upcoming track day, or regular maintenance, I come here first.

Ryan and Nicole have been great with helping me out with orders I need fast.

Keep up the excellent work!


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Agency Power Racing Downpipe - EVO X

Agency Power Racing Downpipe - EVO X

Agency Power Racing Downpipe - EVO X 

Product Description

With the Mitsubishi EVO evolving here in the USA since 2003, a lot of parts have come out to make the car perform and handle to its full potential. Agency Power has been constantly developing and testing new products that make the EVO X the best car for street, drag, and road racing. With the release of their all new downpipe, you will be able to give your EVO X the best performance it needs.

The all new Agency Power Mitsubishi EVO X downpipe is designed to fit the 2008 and up GSR and MR editions. The downpipe is full 3" stainless steel with thick flanges and includes the needed o2 sensor location. Adding this downpipe to your car will help your turbo spool faster increasing boost and horsepower. It will improve the exhaust flow that is needed on a turbo charged car. This Downpipe fits with the stock donut gasket and will connect to the stock catalytic converter or an Agency Power Cat Delete pipe.


Price: $250.00

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