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I recently ordered a GReddy Se exhaust for a 2010 lancer GTS.
there was some miscommunication about the shipping. but because the part was order on blackfriday. I completely understand.. next time will order express shipping.. the install of the exhaust was simple and staight forward. the sound is just right at idle and when you get on it.. the power is there...Will definitely be ordering more.. price is right and the sales persons are very helpfull.. thanks

Graham- TX
Graham Finch

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Install Tips: Removing Vortex Generator

Removing MR Vortex Generator : Lancer Evolution VIII


Published By:  Justin Hamel  (May 1st, 2005 at 9:12pm)

Product: Removing MR vortex generator


The only reason we did this write up is because we had to remove a stock MR vortex generator when installing a new Tyrant performance carbon fiber vortex. Tools used for this were a hair dryer, spatula, glass cleaner and paper towel. 


1. You will want to unclip the body trim that runs from the roof line to the bottom of the trunk. We suggest popping the trunk, and starting there and working your way up the roof line. You will need to do this on the drivers and passenger side of the EVO.

Tech Tip: Be very careful when removing these, they take a little pressure to unclip them.

2. Starting on the passenger side, we heated up the vortex with the hair dryer for approx. 2-3 minutes. This allows the double side tape to easily remove from the car. The longer you heat it up, the easier it is to remove. To get the peeling process started, we used a spatula to lift the vortex from the car.

Tech Tip: We did this in sections, fin to fin. Heat it up and then peel off. Once you get half way down the car, it is easily removes from there.


3. Using a combination of the hair dryer + elbow grease helped us remove the remaining double sided tape that was left from the old vortex.





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