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Deal with jana and Shanna. They were both very helpful in assisting with my order. Will definitely be buying more products from lancershop
brandon kennedy

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Advertising Programs
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Banner Rotation Program:

The Banner Ad Rotation program on our network is pretty simple and straight forward. You send us your 468x60 banner and we'll rotate it throughout our site randomly. You'll receive unlimited impressions and will have equal priority in regards to how often your banner is displayed compared to other banner advertisers on our sites. We rotate our banner on our homepage and every major section of our sites. The banner is positioned at the bottom of each page. Examples can be seen here: (bottom of page)

Low Cost: If you've been quoted for a magazine ad placement or tv commercial lately, you're probably still in shock. We provide a cost effective alternative to the outrageous prices of magazine advertising and offer better value for your dollar. Our sites are extremely targeted and provide a comparable branding opportunity of that in a magazine.
Page Views: Our network of websites generates 4+ million page views a month and your banner can be displayed at the bottom of each of these page views. 
Huge Network: Our network of sites dominates each of their target markets every single fiscal year. We are always expanding our network of websites and your banners will be featured on all upcoming web catalogs. 
Details: For more information such as pricing and other ad information. Please email Click Here 



Package Insert Program:

Our package insert program is the only offline channel available to reach LancerShop.comís unique customer base of high-income, highly-educated consumers who are also savvy online shoppers. Unlike other direct mail vehicles, LancerShop customers open their shipments and access the content 100% of the time! We allow a select number of advertisers to place free-standing inserts (postcards, catalogs, small product samples, etc.) into our outbound shipments. 


100% open rate: Our customers are always excited to receive our packages and always read the enclosed literature. You can be assured each package is opened by a targeted consumer. This style of adverting provides your company with a 100% open rate. 
Target Market: We cater to a specific demographic group of high tech savvy consumers. We can help excel your products and services to the top. If your products or services will benefit our customers, please contact us right away to take your business to the next level.
Easy Advertising: You provide us with the inserts and we will include with every shipment from our warehouse. Our warehouse ships hundreds of packages a day. Our clients find this form of advertising more effective and cost efficient then other forms of advertising such as; mailings, streets teams, magazine ads, etc. 
Materials: Postcards, catalogs, small product samples, posters, clothing, business cards, books, cds, dvds, etc. 
Details: For more information such as pricing, shipping statistics, and other ad information. Please email 





more advertising programs coming soon, check back soon......



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