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1. 3" Downpipe / Exhaust Gasket
2. Hawk HPS Front + Rear EVO X Brake Pads COMBO DEAL
3. Mitsubishi OEM Oil Filter - EVO 8/9/X
4. AWD Warning Tow Truck Sticker
5. Hawk HPS Front + Rear EVO 8 - 9 Brake Pads COMBO DEAL
6. Walbro 255 Fuel Pump w/Install Kit - EVO 8/9
7. Perrin 2" Shorty Antenna - EVO 8/9
8. Rexpeed Dual Gauge Pillar Pod - EVO X / Ralliart
9. Mitsubishi OEM Front License Plate Mounting Bracket Kit - EVO X / Ralliart
10. AEM UEGO Wide Band O2 Gauge 52mm - 30-4100

Excellent customer service...I placed an order but I had the wrong city listed on my shipping address. Laeli called UPS and got it straightened out before it had a chance to get sent to the incorrect address! Thank you very much Lancershop!!

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Customer Testimonials
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Customer Testimonials
I emailed lancershop After ordering a JDM tow cover from Mitsubishiparts.net. They had been advertising they were in stock ready to ship. I placed my order. 5 days later still no contact no email. I sent 3 emails with no response. So i contacted lancer shop because i was in a tight spot the car was going to the body shop for paint. They answered my initial email promptly. Called the warehouse made sure there was one there and shipped it out. Eta was monday which would've been 4 days time. I received a perfectly packaged cover on Saturday! 2 days! After I ordered through lancershop I finally received an email that they were unavailable at Mitsubishiparts.net!


Added Jan 17, 2015

Very good.
nothing to reproach


Mr Noyelle


Added Jan 15, 2015

I'm a customer from El Salvador. The customer service is excellent! They do what has to be done to help you! Looking forward to buy more things from your website. My friends from EL Salvador will definitely hear from this website!

Jorge Reyes

Added Jan 13, 2015

I had a product from here I had purchased nearly a year ago and didn't have the receipt for warranty work that was needed. I asked the online help and they were able to locate that for me within minutes! Keiley was a great help and was very friendly!


Added Jan 9, 2015

Wonderful customer service and prompt shipping. Keep up the good work, folks!

Gautam Sabba

Added Jan 9, 2015

Janelle was very helpful and professional in helping me and answered all of my questions in a timely manner. She made herself available to answer any questions I had and got me a great deal. I will definitely be coming back and recommend Lancershop everyone. Thanks LancerShop! :)

manjot singh

Added Jan 8, 2015

Keiley, you went above and beyond and really held to a high level of customer service.. I got the part needed in the time frame that has kept my project on its timeline, when my local company dropped the ball..

You have definitely earned my business in the future!

Thank you!!


Added Jan 8, 2015

This morning I dealt with Janelle in the chat window. She was great and even volunteered to call VIS to answer the questions I had about a product!


Added Jan 7, 2015

LancerShop is great! They not only have everything I could want for my evo, but they are super responsive with any questions or concerns you may have!


Added Jan 6, 2015

Hey to all you guys and girls on lancershop! If you have ever wondered about how this website is and how it will treat you as a customer .... Well they are pretty good compared to a buach of other sites out there! Selection of parts is fantastic just need to keep your parts updated on which ones are still continued and which ones are not I don't like looking at things I can't get haha . I have ordered parts from them before and I did not have a problem. They got to my house before the eta which was impressive to me because the parts were coming from different warehouses across the country and from previous experiences with other sites that can be a pain in the butt! Now..... Only one little thing that isn't even a really big deal especially since I had somsomeo assist me right away and didn't leave me clueless..! I ordered rotors and they haven't got here when they were supposed to. But it was around the holidays so I should be prepared for any kind of delay. But hey I had a wonderful girl I.m. me and everything was straightforward and no bull crap and we got everything figured out. :) lancershop is a site I will be using in the future for sure!

robert sipe

Added Jan 5, 2015

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