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1. 3" Downpipe / Exhaust Gasket
2. Hawk HPS Front + Rear EVO X Brake Pads COMBO DEAL
3. Mitsubishi OEM Oil Filter - EVO 8/9/X
4. AWD Warning Tow Truck Sticker
5. Hawk HPS Front + Rear EVO 8 - 9 Brake Pads COMBO DEAL
6. Walbro 255 Fuel Pump w/Install Kit - EVO 8/9
7. Perrin 2" Shorty Antenna - EVO 8/9
8. Rexpeed Dual Gauge Pillar Pod - EVO X / Ralliart
9. Mitsubishi OEM Front License Plate Mounting Bracket Kit - EVO X / Ralliart
10. AEM UEGO Wide Band O2 Gauge 52mm - 30-4100

have excellent customer service
Luis Diaz

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Customer Testimonials
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Customer Testimonials
I have ordered nearly 90% of my parts through LancerShop.com and the experience has been nothing but great. All parts arrived in a timely mannor and in perfect condition.

Arizona Lancer Club

Added Jul 18, 2005

I have ordered from you guys several times and spent over a thousand dollars on your merchandise. Excellent customer service and no mistakes... plus you hooked me up with a free t-shirt for ordering so much stuff. Thanks L-shop... you guys rock!

Jeff M.

Added Jul 11, 2005

def the best place, good prices, and fast shipping. so far everything I have ordered has come in 4 days or less. I hate waiting, so that is awesome. 05' EVO VIII is gonna be getting a lot of work done, soon to buy much more, just starting with the asthetics.


Added Jul 6, 2005

You guys are the best. We purchase from you all year long, have alot of your parts on our track evo and on our personal cars. You are definitely the one stop evo shop.

Caribbean Racing Development

Added Jul 3, 2005

This is the best site + EVO store out there!
Price, shipping, customer serivce and quality is second to none! Justin and the crew is the best! Mitsu should take some pointers from these guys!
Never buy anywhere else!
Nuf said! Masta Minds rule!


Added Jul 3, 2005

Got my package from LancerShop right on time, new goodies make the inside of my Evo so trick.


Added Jun 9, 2005

One of the easiest transactions I ever had. I bought a couple of things but I love the fast shipping!! you guys rock!!!

Rahim Ahkbar

Added Jun 7, 2005

Thanks for the fast service and I'll be shopping with you more for my 04 Tarmac Black Evo8 parts .. and the web site is great
lots of after market stuff for you and your Evo here just would love to see 1 item a hood scoop for the water issuse i live in seattle and get alot of rain here if you guys could find somone that makes a air intake for the
OEM carbon fiber hood that would make alot of evo owners happy i think thanks for a great place to shop for my Evo and ... thanks the shirt is sweet too :)


Added May 29, 2005

Just wanted to say that you guys are doing a great job. Everything I have ordered for my car has came from you excluding the body kit. Your Service is top notch and super fast shipping. But, what happened to the Readers Rides section ? You should bring it back.


Added May 28, 2005

Just wanted to thanks you guys for the quick delivery, competitive prices, great products, and of course the t-shirt!! Looking forward to do future business with you.


Added May 17, 2005

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