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I've been a customer of Lancershop since soon after I purchased my Evo 8 in late 2003. I've done some business with one or two other MastaMinds internet storefronts, as well. After my latest experience, I had to drop in a testimonial!

Due to what had to be MY error, I ordered the wrong part for a spring prep for the racing season. It was quite a while before I finally ripped open my boxes to get to work. When I saw I had the wrong part I was pretty disappointed and figured I was stuck with it because it had been so long.

When I e-mailed in to verify exactly which part I had so I could sell it to someone who could use it, Natalie in the support department stepped right up and offered me an RMA for full price credit!

I was floored and elated!

They have an awesome selection of excellent parts, good prices, and now I know, some of the best service around!

Thanks MastaMinds!
Lindsay Johnson

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Customer Testimonials
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Customer Testimonials
Great service! Always good to deal with.


Added Oct 25, 2005

Awesome site! Ordered the CF shield and also my Boomslang harness for my S-AFC. Orders were placed fast and shipping was right on time!

Chris (EvoM Member)

Added Oct 9, 2005

good pricing and fast shipping will look foward to doing business with lancershop again

rons auto body

Added Oct 4, 2005

This site rules by all means. Its easy to find what you want, and it has the best prices on the net.


Added Sep 7, 2005

Awsome products, fast shipping


Added Aug 24, 2005

Simply brilliant, I am of the Canary Islands in Spain, made my order by means of email and has taken single one week in arriving at my address. The quality articles and very good prices, magnify store, I recommend it.


Added Aug 23, 2005

Easy to work with site and great shipping times. Also found some very hard to find parts for future wants.

Scott Holder

Added Aug 10, 2005

I haven't ordered any parts for awhile from anywhere else. My stuff gets here in 2 DAYS from lancershop. thanks guys.


Added Aug 4, 2005

I just received my Defi Boost Gauge w/S.C pod. And HKS Type 1 T/T W/harness and they are excellent! The delivery time was very quick and the product arrived in perfect condition. For the service, prices and turn around time in delivery you guys are the best! Also you have the largest Evo Web-store out there. The way I see it is; if you dont have it, I dont need it. I look forward to ordering the rest of my parts from you. Thanks!


Added Aug 2, 2005

Who can't love Mitsubishi Lancer Evos. this site rules

Grant S.

Added Jul 29, 2005

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