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Deals of the Day

1. 3" Downpipe / Exhaust Gasket
2. Hawk HPS Front + Rear EVO X Brake Pads COMBO DEAL
3. Mitsubishi OEM Oil Filter - EVO 8/9/X
4. AWD Warning Tow Truck Sticker
5. Hawk HPS Front + Rear EVO 8 - 9 Brake Pads COMBO DEAL
6. Walbro 255 Fuel Pump w/Install Kit - EVO 8/9
7. Perrin 2" Shorty Antenna - EVO 8/9
8. Rexpeed Dual Gauge Pillar Pod - EVO X / Ralliart
9. Mitsubishi OEM Front License Plate Mounting Bracket Kit - EVO X / Ralliart
10. AEM UEGO Wide Band O2 Gauge 52mm - 30-4100

Thank you again Nico. Have never had better customer service. Getting ready to install the pump now thanks to your efforts.


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Customer Testimonials
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Customer Testimonials
very good dealer. I will be back. thanks


Added Aug 5, 2015

Lancershop.com is outstanding with shipping products!! Keep up the good work Lancershop staff!! Ya"ll are very appreciated!!


Added Jul 13, 2015

Shanna was very helpful. I missed the LS birthday discount but she was able to help me with it. Thanks again!


Added Jul 6, 2015

The customer service is outstanding. I used the live help twice to verify and finalize an order. Shanna was very helpful, quick, and knowledgeable. She even found a way to save me a few bucks on my order.

Craig Smith

Added Jun 26, 2015

Great service by Dennis help me with my questions and purchase... Thank you!

Ricardo Chen
RC Performance

Added Jun 23, 2015

Best customer service I have ever received. Thank you so much for the process. It took a while for items to become available, but you guys never stopped assuring me that they where coming and sure enough, they are on their way. Great products!!!!

Arlene Freeman

Added Jun 17, 2015

Lancerhop is the place to buy your Evo parts. Excellent service, prompt delivery times, and good knowledge of product and fitment. Been doing business with these guys since 2007. Will always keep coming back for more.

David Fortier

Added Jun 15, 2015

well i bought some spacers as an emergency i needed them ASAP. so i paid almost 60 bucks to have it second day delivery.. well a week goes by nothing, week and a half nothing. i called and spoke to someone with a minor complain about it i forget who i spoke with but they refunded me 13 dollars of the 57 and said she would get back to me the next day with info.
i waited another couple of days. well another full 2 weeks go by almost" and i was pretty mad....
i spoke with Dennis actually he was the one that sold me the spacers online messaging in the beginning.. i spoke with him for about 10-15 min about over the phone...
well he assured me that he would get back to me that same day.. man he helped me out big time eased my tension that i had with the company.
i planned on never coming back here to do business with lancer shop but you could deff say that Dennis turned it inside out.
he is a good person that deff seemed to go out of his way to help me out. companies need people like that and not someone who refunds me money and says they will get a hold of me back the next day. i could care less about the money id rather spend more money on a company that has something priced a little more then a company that that sells it for less with a customer service that is poor.
well i just want to say thank u Dennis for all your help :]


Added Jun 11, 2015

I was served by Janelle tonight. I was hoping to purchase an Evolution 7 Rear Trunk Badge and had many questions and confusions.

Luckily, Janelle was able to help me entirely! I ended up purchasing the exact item i had interested in. I am really looking forward to the item and hope it all goes smoothly! Hoping to shop with LancerShop very soon for another smooth transaction!

Janelle definitely deserves to be recognized for her great effort & kindness! Thank you Janelle for being a great service representative!

Have a great day! =]

Richard Petreski

Added May 8, 2015

Super fast shipping on the Walbro 255 for Evo8/9

Spencer Roper

Added May 5, 2015

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