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the best products cus service better than others also tech tips are always there to help you these guys dot sell you bull crap they sell you want you want they dont even use cheap shipping just like there products the best. try them out and you will find out
mark latchman
(rons auto body mt vernon ny)

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LancerShop.com :: Accessories :: EVO Accessories :: CP-E EVO X Airstation

CP-E EVO X Airstation

CP-E EVO X Airstation

CP-E EVO X Airstation 

Product Description

CP-E EVO X Airstation


WEIGHT:    5 lbs
DIMENSIONS: 12 x 6 x 3 in

Introducing the cp-e™ AirStation™, the clean and simple vacuum block you have been waiting for! Machined out of billet aluminum, this piece was designed with a goal to create something clean, sleek, and small. Measuring only 1¼” x 2½” x 4”, the AirStation™ is one of the smallest vacuum blocks on the market, without compromising on function or quality!

Anodized black and laser engraved, the AirStation™ is pleasing to the eyes and allows multiple setups; attaching up to six vacuum lines! It comes with three easy Push-to-Connect fittings, three custom designed vacuum nipples, and the necessary plugs to get you started! When you are ready to add more, simply visit our Spare Parts page!

Mounting the AirStation could not be any easier either! It has been designed to mount flush to whatever surface you want, and comes with two types of screws for easing your install! Gone are the days of a large, bulky vacuum block sticking out like a sore thumb in your engine bay! Upgrade to the cp-e™ AirStation™ today so you can reliably connect all your vacuum/boost reference needs!


Price: $149.99

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CP-E EVO X Airstation
CP-E EVO X Airstation
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