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Contacted live support, in just a few moments they gave my right tracking numbers and they contacted through the warehouse. well done live support. thanks
Matthew ROque

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LancerShop.com :: Engine :: EVO 8/9 Engine Parts :: EVO 8/9 Cams & Gears :: EVO 8 Cams & Cam Gears :: CBRD Ohlins Road & Track - Evo X

CBRD Ohlins Road & Track - Evo X

CBRD Ohlins Road & Track - Evo X

CBRD Ohlins Road & Track - Evo X 

Product Description

When choosing a quality coilover for your evolution there are a few things to consider.... and coming from CBRD (with thier background in professional racing)... here is what they feel are important!!

-Ride Quality


-Quality of Components

-Compromise of Track and Street performance

 When it comes to those things- the Ohlins R&T Dampers dont fall short anywhere- These are in CBRD's opinion one of the BEST options out there for your evolution 8/9/X

The features are as follows:

Spherical Top Mounts

Single Adjustable Dampers

Independent Ride Height and Pre-load adjustment

Part Number:  cbrd-evox-ohlins-srates

Fits: Evo X
**Please note all CBRD parts are built to order/special order. Orders cannot be cancelled or refunded once placed.**


Price: $2784.95

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