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Been shopping with LancerShop for years now. Always great prices and people to work with. Their customer service is always easy to work with and has saved time such as in the last case where somehow the address was missing my condo #. Other places would have sent it out and then the delivery guys would have had to guess. Instead they emailed me and we fixed the issue before there was one. Can't complain about that.

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Manley Exhaust 30.5mm Stainless Race Flo Valves - Evo 8/9

Manley Exhaust 30.5mm Stainless Race Flo Valves - Evo 8/9

Manley Exhaust 30.5mm Stainless Race Flo Valves  - Evo 8/9 

Product Description

Manley Sport Compact - Race Series Valves: Manley Performance Sport Compact stainless steel valves utilize our exceptional "Race Series" alloy and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Manley valves are designed to outflow and outperform all others even in the most severe environments. Manley stainless valves feature gorgeous yet durable chrome stems, swirl polished under heads, fully hardened tips, completely machined combustion faces, closely controlled margin heights, and exact stem to seat concentricity to render a finished product that is unsurpassed.

Manley intake valves typically are built with our original "Pro-Flo" design which reduces the stem diameter in the fillet area for increased airflow but also less valve weight.

In certain specific applications, Manley offers our "Extreme Duty" exhaust material. Our "Extremealloy" alloy offers more hot hardness and high temperature strength than our competitors' offerings. This alloy is ideal for extremely high boosted applications where the exhaust gas temperatures reach what seem like unthinkable levels.

Manley stainless valves are suitable for all applications ranging from the mild street performer to the jaw dropping 1000+ horsepower race cars competing at the drag strip or drifting events.
Underhead Angle/Radius: Pro Flo: 22 x 7/16"
Margin: .065"
Seat Width: .080"
Stem Diameter: 6.54mm/.2575
Tip Length: 3.8mm
Head Diameter: 30.5mm
Top of Head: 17 Dish
O/A Length: 109.7mm

Part Number:  man11133-8

Fits: Evo 2002 to 2006


Price: $159.95

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Manley Exhaust 30.5mm Stainless Race Flo Valves  - Evo 8/9
Manley Exhaust 30.5mm Stainless Race Flo Valves - Evo 8/9
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