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A car part I ordered for my son for Christmas 2015 was damaged during shipping and arrived cracked. I called Lancer Shop and spoke with Jay. He as very prompt and efficient, and told me exactly what to do to get the return authorization process moving. He kept in contact with me over the next few days, and within a few days from the first call I made to Lancer, a new part was shipped. I highly recommend doing business with Lancer, and please know if you ever have problem they will fix it promptly and efficiently! Thank you Lancer!
Patrice Collins

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TRENDING: Rexpeed | AMS | Ultimate Racing | Engine Parts | Buschur Racing :: Brakes :: EVO 8/9 Brakes :: EVO 8/9 Brake Rotors :: MAPerformance T4 Twin Scroll Turbo Kit - Evo 8/9

MAPerformance T4 Twin Scroll Turbo Kit - Evo 8/9

MAPerformance T4 Twin Scroll Turbo Kit - Evo 8/9

MAPerformance T4 Twin Scroll Turbo Kit - Evo 8/9 

Product Description

The wait is finally over as you can now get the MAP treatment in a T4 Twin Scroll configuration using some of the best components available! Choose from some killer PTE turbochargers and turn your horsepower dreams into a reality! This kit includes every component you will need to complete the installation besides oil and coolant and it even clears the factory air conditioning! Please note that the included intake pipe is designed for speed density configurations only.
Included Components

    304SS Tubular Manifold
    OEM Exhaust Manifold Gasket
    304SS 3" O2 Eliminator Downpipe
    Downpipe to Factory Catalytic Gasket
    Two Turbosmart Compgate 40 External Wastegates
    Wastegate Dump Tube
    SS Oil Feed Line with Cylinder Head Block Off
    Oil Return Line
    Lower Intercooler Pipe with Couplers
    4" Intake Pipe with Filter (For use with speed density)
    Optional Slim Fan with Mounting Kit

Part Number: MAP-EVO-T4-TSK
Fits: Evo 8/9


Price: $3674.99

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Turbo A/R Option
Slimline Fan
Manifold Coating
Turbine Coating
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