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Had good service with Lancer Shop. I did get the wrong rods for the pistons. Janelle and Hannah did a great job with assisting me with the refund.

I would use them again if I need parts for my Evo repair.
Mike Mckee

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LancerShop.com :: Exterior :: EVO 8/9 Exterior :: EVO 8/9 Exterior Parts :: Buschur Racing Bolt In Parachute Mount - Evo 8/9

Buschur Racing Bolt In Parachute Mount - Evo 8/9

Buschur Racing Bolt In Parachute Mount - Evo 8/9

Buschur Racing Bolt In Parachute Mount - Evo 8/9 

Product Description

This kit requires that only two holes be drilled for installation. The two bolts are in the center of the mount and go through the back of the trunk, without them the chute doesn't deploy in a stable manner. The kit comes complete with all the bolts, cable and chute release handle, the actual parachute will be left to you to order for yourself. Stroud or Simpson chutes can be used. We recommend the Stroud for ease of packing. The handle kit can be bolted to either side of the center console and has a backing plate that bolts inside, this leave the install much more stealth in appearance. The handle can also, of course, be mounted to a roll bar/roll cage. These units will be available in gloss black or raw if you choose to add your own personal flair!

NOTE: These are built to order by hand for each person. Please allow 5-8 business days from the time of your order untill the item ships.

Part Number: BUS-Parachute

Fits: Evo 8/9


Price: $569.95

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Buschur Racing Bolt In Parachute Mount - Evo 8/9
Buschur Racing Bolt In Parachute Mount - Evo 8/9
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