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Customer service was beyond excellent. What started as an online live chat questions turned into emails and phone calls over a period of several days. All my questions were answered. "HAPPY AND HELPFUL" sums it up the best, thank you Janelle!!!
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TRENDING: Rexpeed | AMS | Ultimate Racing | Engine Parts | Buschur Racing :: Maintenance :: EVO 8/9 Maintenance :: EVO 8/9 Engine Maintenance :: EVO 8 Engine Maintenance :: AMS Carbon Fiber Roof - Evo 8/9

AMS Carbon Fiber Roof - Evo 8/9

AMS Carbon Fiber Roof - Evo 8/9

AMS Carbon Fiber Roof - Evo 8/9 

Product Description

The AMS EVO VII/VIII/IX Carbon Fiber Roof shaves weight from the highest point of your car without sacrificing structural integrity. By lowering the cars center of gravity handling is improved along with shedding unnecessary weight. The AMS Carbon Fiber Roof weighs only 11.4 lbs. and even allows you to retain the factory headliner. This incredible looking roof adds performance to your race car, style to your show car and is perfectly at home on your street car.


    Tested and proven on the record holding AMS Drag and Time Attack EVOs
    Saves 45 lbs. over an EVO with factory sunroof
    Saves 16 lbs. over a standard EVO roof
    Saves 7 lbs. over an aluminum RS/MR roof
    Foam core sandwiched in carbon fiber for strength and rigidity
    Allows for factory headliner
    Fits EVO VII-IX including Lancer

Kit Includes

    AMS EVO Carbon Fiber Roof *
    Custom brackets for interior light reinstallation


Part Number: AMS-CFROOF8-9
Fits: Evo 8/9


Price: $1573.95

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