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This site has an excellent selection of items, and top-notch customer service. If I need something for an upcoming track day, or regular maintenance, I come here first.

Ryan and Nicole have been great with helping me out with orders I need fast.

Keep up the excellent work!


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LancerShop.com :: Boost Controllers :: FP GREEN Ball Bearing Turbocharger - EVO 9

FP GREEN Ball Bearing Turbocharger - EVO 9

FP GREEN Ball Bearing Turbocharger - EVO 9

FP GREEN Ball Bearing Turbocharger - EVO 9 

Product Description

With the re-release of the EVO 9 BB Turbos FP introduces the new Xona Series CHRA which are a billet SS construction featuring expanded water jacketing which fully surround the entire hot side register for improved heat blocking in the turbine section.

Better materials extend the service life through improved corrosion resistance and reduced heat conduction into the bearing section of the CHRA. The rotating assembly is isolated from vibration 3 dimensionally via specially designed oil damping chambers which also serve to provide variable preload to the angular contact ceramic ball bearings ensuring that bearing preload increases with oil pressure, rpm and thrust loads a feature never before seen in ball bearing turbochargers. Correct loading of angular contact ball bearings and bearing temperature are the determining factors when it comes to the lifespan of the ball bearing.

EVO IX BB Green Features:

    Compressor wheel - 73HTA
    Flow rating - 54LB per minute
    CW Measurements - 52.6MM Inducer / 73MM Exducer
    TW Measurements - 67.3MM Inducer / 58.8MM Exducer
    Compressor Housing - 84MM Flow Advancement Port Cover or 64MM Stock Appearing
    Turbine Housing - FP Stainless EVO 9 Turbine Housing
    CHRA - FP Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing
    Oil Line - Included

The Green with it's quick response and hard hitting power curve has long been the go to turbo for the Street crowd not wanting to sacrifice spool for a 500WHP trap speed. If you want a turbo that'll break necks but not make you wait the Green is the turbo for you. Unlike it's larger siblings the Green utilizes a smaller 65MM turbine and the potent but and quick responding 73HTA compressor wheel.

Of course to harness this performance we had to develop our own Ball Bearing CHRA and true to our nature we kept it looking as close to what came on your car from the factory as possible. This BB CHRA allows you to push the outer limits of performance by increasing the allowable thrust loads over a normal TD05/6 journal bearing turbocharger and greatly reducing the risk of oil starvation from hard acceleration and cornering forces.

TECH TIP: Comes standard with our new cast stainless turbine housing. This turbine housing has been designed to maximize flow while not sacrificing spool characteristics. It has a 3" outlet and has a TiAL MV-S waste gate flange machined directly onto the housing. EVO VIII cars will need the FP turbo install kit.

Fits: Lancer EVO IX



Price: $2499.00

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Compressor Cover:
Anodized Compressor Wheel
TH Coating
Inlet Gasket
Outlet Flange
Outlet Clamp


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