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I ordered about 5 things from Lancershop in 1 weekend, 2 of the parts came in within a day or 2!! and a few things took a little bit of time and one thing is on it's way. I do FULLY understand things arn't always in stock, no matter where you shop, certain products will take some time, and i find this a perfect example of showing they care, because everytime i've contacted Lancershop they have gotten back to me IMMEDIATLY with no hisitation with the exact answer im looking for. Although a few of my parts are taking some time, i feel the customer service has been FANTASTIC and i look forward to doing almost all my shopping with! Great site!
Jeffrey Porter

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AWD Warning Tow Truck Sticker

AWD Warning Tow Truck Sticker

AWD Warning Tow Truck Sticker 

Product Description

If you drive an EVO you already know that an AWD car has to be towed on flat bed truck to prevent serious drivetrain damage.

But, does your local tow truck driver know this?

This weatherproof sticker mounts above the vin # and displays a warning message that will make barney the tow truck driver think twice about towing your car with a regular wrecker.

We combine words with a picture message to help get the point across and warn uninformed tow truck drivers.

Part # SC.621001118

**Standard ground shipping within the U.S. is free. Any other shipping method will be additional costs.**


Price: $3.67

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AWD Warning Tow Truck Sticker
AWD Warning Tow Truck Sticker
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