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Hi Guys, You have done it again, I just ordered the Megan racing SS manifold and a SS stud kit. As usual the goods arrived in great condition and double quick time. All parts fitted without dramas and yes, I can feel the car pull more strongly with the new manifold fitted so a worthwhile addition to the car. Next upgrade will be fuel system, cams and then programmable ECU, can't wait.

Cheers Richo
Steve Richardson

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TRENDING: Rexpeed | AMS | Ultimate Racing | Engine Parts | Buschur Racing :: Engine :: EVO 8/9 Engine Parts :: JM Fab 300M Coil On Plug Plate - EVO 8/9

JM Fab 300M Coil On Plug Plate - EVO 8/9

JM Fab 300M Coil On Plug Plate - EVO 8/9

JM Fab 300M Coil On Plug Plate - EVO 8/9 

Product Description

If you're looking to build your own 300M coil on plug setup for your EVO then this is the plate for you. It is CNC machined from 3/4" thick 6061 aluminum and the coils are recessed into the plate for a clean professional look. The underside is pocketed out for weight savings. Includes new SS hardware. 

Please note that you will need to cut off the bolts that are attached to the coils from the factory and replace them with a nut/bolt combo (not included). Also the rubber boots will need to be trimmed since they are too long to work with the EVO head. We recommend purchasing the coils from, use P/N UF269, the newer AC Delco coils have a different bolt pattern.

The wiring and harnesses used to make the kit are Toyota parts, the following are the part numbers along with the quantity needed.  These are NOT included:

Wire - 82998-12440 Qty. 8

Harness - 90980-11246 Qty. 4

Fits: Lancer EVO 8/9

Part# EVO-COP-00


Price: $149.95

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