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nico was very helpful with placing my order. will be buying from again. thanks
Jeremy Bodigon

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TRENDING: Rexpeed | AMS | Ultimate Racing | Engine Parts | Buschur Racing :: Clutch - Trans :: EVO X Clutch :: EVO X Shifters & Bushings :: Megan Racing 3" Downpipe V2 - EVO 8 2003-2004

Megan Racing 3" Downpipe V2 - EVO 8 2003-2004

Megan Racing 3" Downpipe V2 - EVO 8 2003-2004

Megan Racing 3" Downpipe V2 - EVO 8 2003-2004 

Product Description

Megan Racing Stainless Steel Down-pipes are made of the same high-quality T-304 that is utilized for extreme durability and resistance to corrosion and cracking.

The missing component between any Header/Manifold and your Cat-Back system, these Down-pipes will complete the high-flow exhaust system desired for the performance of your EVO.

With a noticeable power gain throughout the rev-range and a polished finish, these are a perfect addition for any performance vehicle. Expect an increase in exhaust tone, due to freeing up the exhaust flow and the deletion of the catalytic converter. (NOTE: For off-road use only, not intended for use on public highways.)

- Version 2 includes thicker gauge steel piping and a new and improved finish and quality.
- 100% T-304 Stainless Steel with computerized mandrel-bends
- 3" inner diameter piping
- CNC-machined flanges for strong solid support
- TIG-welded for strength and durability
- 3-stage polish for a mirror-like finish
- Increase around 8-12 horse power and torque
- Straight-through design and bolt-on installation

TECH TIP: Direct bolt on! Includes all hardware required for an easy installation. Works with both the stock cat-back exhaust system and aftermarket cat-back exhaust systems.

Fits: 2003-2004 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 8

Part# MR-SSDP-MLE03-V2


Price: $202.95

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