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Great customer service and the speed of response with the live chat is excellent.
Thank again Janelle.
Isaiah Gomez

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TRENDING: Rexpeed | AMS | Ultimate Racing | Engine Parts | Buschur Racing :: Electronics :: Wide Band o2 :: ARK Performance N-II Exhaust System - EVO 8/9

ARK Performance N-II Exhaust System - EVO 8/9

ARK Performance N-II Exhaust System - EVO 8/9

ARK Performance N-II Exhaust System - EVO 8/9 

Product Description

The factory exhaust system of all cars restricts airflow, sacrificing power for sound. ARK’s pursuit of perfection led them to design a system that increases the speed of exhaust exiting your engine, thereby allowing for less backpressure. The result is reaching your engine’s potential for increased power, torque, and response, all without sacrificing sound quality.

All ARK exhaust systems are engineered with performance, quality, and value as the main goal. Through extreme efforts from the R&D teams, we have maximized all airflow and power through dyno testing and tuning, while maintaining reasonable sound levels for street use. ARK Exhaust Systems all retain all factory emissions equipment and conform to the California Vehicle Code 95-decibel exhaust noise (Note: Some ARK exhaust systems require a removable silencer). Each ARK Exhaust is designed specifically for your car. What works on one car may not be optimal for another car. Therefore we meticulously test each system to make sure everything is perfect.

Each ARK system features high quality mandrel bent, SUS T-304 polished piping, which allows for the smoothest exhaust flow throughout the system. Piping diameter is also important to the optimal exhaust flow and power gains. Because of the consistent pipe diameter in all the bend areas from the mandrel bending process there is less restriction and turbulence which increases exhaust flow velocity and worded a bit different.

- All bolt on system.
- All Mirror Polished Stainless T-304.
- Street / Track Performance spec.
- Larger piping 3 inch diamenter easy flow
- Easy installation Max 30min.
- Single Tip N-II Style Tip
- Horsepower : Up to 12Hp / 7tq's gain

Fits 03-07 EVO 8/9

Part# SM1800-0003N


Price: $985.15

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