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the most parts on the web for evo's hince the name, very customer oriented and great prices thanks
Nick Fresco

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LancerShop.com :: Engine :: EVO 8/9 Engine Parts :: EVO 8/9 Spark Plugs & Plug Wires :: Extreme Dimensions Duraflex GT Concept Hood - EVO X

Extreme Dimensions Duraflex GT Concept Hood - EVO X

Extreme Dimensions Duraflex GT Concept Hood - EVO X

Extreme Dimensions Duraflex GT Concept Hood - EVO X 

Product Description

Part # 104642

Fits: 2008-2015 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X, Fits All Models, Base Model, GSR, MR, Evo 10

Material : FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics)

All GT Concept parts are designed exclusively by Extreme Dimensions’ in-house award winning design team. With over 10 years in the aftermarket industry our team of specialists are always on the cutting edge of automotive trends. Our team studies every angle of the vehicle’s appearance to create parts that take your vehicle to the next level. The GT Concept series of parts will keep your vehicle at the forefront of aerodynamic trends.

Hand laid, high quality 6 oz. fiberglass
Signature black finish
High quality weather resistant aluminum mesh grille (where applicable)
Proprietary polymer blend for maximum flexibility
Increased durability and longer service life
Reduced damage rate up to 75%

Note: we recommend the use of hood pins with all hoods.


Price: $595.95

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Extreme Dimensions Duraflex GT Concept Hood - EVO X
Extreme Dimensions Duraflex GT Concept Hood - EVO X
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