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well i bought some spacers as an emergency i needed them ASAP. so i paid almost 60 bucks to have it second day delivery.. well a week goes by nothing, week and a half nothing. i called and spoke to someone with a minor complain about it i forget who i spoke with but they refunded me 13 dollars of the 57 and said she would get back to me the next day with info.
i waited another couple of days. well another full 2 weeks go by almost" and i was pretty mad....
i spoke with Dennis actually he was the one that sold me the spacers online messaging in the beginning.. i spoke with him for about 10-15 min about over the phone...
well he assured me that he would get back to me that same day.. man he helped me out big time eased my tension that i had with the company.
i planned on never coming back here to do business with lancer shop but you could deff say that Dennis turned it inside out.
he is a good person that deff seemed to go out of his way to help me out. companies need people like that and not someone who refunds me money and says they will get a hold of me back the next day. i could care less about the money id rather spend more money on a company that has something priced a little more then a company that that sells it for less with a customer service that is poor.
well i just want to say thank u Dennis for all your help :]

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TRENDING: Rexpeed | AMS | Ultimate Racing | Engine Parts | Buschur Racing :: Gauges :: AEM Gauges :: AEM Digital Turbo Boost Gauge

AEM Digital Turbo Boost Gauge

AEM Digital Turbo Boost Gauge

AEM Digital Turbo Boost Gauge 

Product Description

AEMís digital Boost display gauge delivers unsurpassed accuracy and visibility. Each gauge includes 24 color-coded (Red, Green, Yellow) LED lights that change from green to yellow to red for immediate reference to the measured parameter, and an integrated thee-digit display that reveals real-time operating conditions.

* Includes easy-to-install harness and sensor
* Complete stand alone gauge requires no additional sensors or programs to operate
* LED displays provide precise reference to critical operating conditions and alert driver of potentially damaging operating conditions
* Includes 0-5V analog output for routing to engine management system or data logger
* Easy to read faceplates/displays are designed to complement existing AEM gauge styles
* Included bezels and face plates allow you to personalize the look of your gauge

Size: 52mm (2 1/16")

Part # 30-4406


Price: $162.95

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AEM Digital Turbo Boost Gauge
AEM Digital Turbo Boost Gauge
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