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Doluck Carbon Front Lip Install

Doluck Carbon Front Lip Install


Published By:  Justin Hamel  (April 16, 2005 at 9:48pm)

Product: Do Luck Carbon Fiber Front Lip


The carbon fiber doluck lip is a good way to differentiate your Evo from the rest of the pack and takes no time at all.  Installing the doluck lip is so easy in fact, we considered not even doing a write up for it, but we don't want to leave any stone unturned ;) I ordered this carbon fiber lip in October 2004, it showed up April 2005. This lip was well worth the wait, after installing I though to myself, I would wait years for this thing ;)


 1.  We will begin by removing the entire splash guard from the bottom of the car. Raising the car on jack stands, ramps, or a lift will make this a lot easier. There are so many poppet style fasteners holding the splash guard on, we lost count at 20! Remove the middle panel first (it also has three (3) screws) and then work your way around until the splash guard is completely off. 

Tech Tip: You will want to apply pressure to the top side of the fastner and they will pop out. Do not be fooled by the phillips screw thread, these DO NOT unscrew. Make sure to save these fastners, these will be used to secure the new lip.


2.  After you have removed all those custom fastners, you will want to remove the screws that are securing the lip. There is approx. 10 phillips screws holding the lip on.

Tech Tip: Save these screws, these sercure your new lip.



3.  After you remove the stock lip, grab the do luck lip and get it ready to mount on the car. I suggest starting on the drivers side and move it into place. Once you have in place move along to the passenger side and align. It is a tight fit and at one point and swore up and down it would not fit. But it fits GREAT, just very tight. Take your time and take a few deep breaths and it goes on nice.

Tech Tip: Start on the drivers side and move your way across the car



4.  After you lip is snug, start at the drivers side and put the screws in following along the car. Once you have all the screws in place, secure the under body plastic with the fasteners.





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