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Install Tips: Perrin CEL Fix
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Installing Perrin CEL Fix - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII 03-05 GSR, MR, RS


Published By:  Justin Hamel  (December 15th, 2004 at 4:48pm)

Product: Perrin Check Engine Light Fix - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII 03-05


Thanks to the folks at Perrin performance, you can finally get rid of that pesky check engine light in your EVO8.


1.) Apply parking brake, and disconnect the battery.


2.) Remove the shift knob.



3.) Remove the center console.

-(2) screws under ashtray

-(2) screws at rear of console

-(2) Covers at both sides of forward portion of console. Then remove the screw revealed under each cover. Lift and remove console.


4.) Locate the shifter box. Just to the right is a smooth gloss black wire harness shield. (Note: This is not the ribbed wire loom!) inside are the wires leading from rear 02 sensor to the ECU.


5.) Using suitable tool split shielding lengthwise. Note: DO NOT CUT wires!!

Inside the shielding you will find:

- (1) Red wire with yellow stripe

- (1) Blue wire with yellow stripe

- (1) shielded wire.



6.) As in step (5) split shielding using suitable tool to expose two additional wires inside shielded wire:

-(1) white wire

-(1) Black Wire


7.) Connect wires from the 02 simulator to vehicle as follows (see diagram for details)

-Red wire from simulator connects to red wire with yellow stripe.

- Black wire with the ring terminal on the simulator needs to be connected to a good body ground.

- Cut white white on vehicle. Using supplied connectors; connect the white wire on the simulator to the side of the wire leading toward the rear of the vehicle (towards the actual o2 sensor). Connect the white wire with the black stripe on the simulator to the white vehicle wire leading toward the front of vehicle. (note: only cut white wire! connect end with supplied connectors or solder. Be sure to solder and insulate connection to red wire! if any other wires are cut the simulator will NOT work!)



8.) Reconnect the battery.


9.) Turn ignition key to the on position. If the red LED on simulator illuminates and blinks, wiring is correct. Remove the ignition key.


10.) Secure simulator away from the interface using the supplied wire ties.


11.) Install console in reverse order


12.) Re-install shift knob



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