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Install Tips: Defi D Boost Gauge
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Installing Defi D Turbo Boost Gauge  - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII 03-05 GSR, MR, RS

Published By:  HT Trinh (December 15th, 2004 at 8:41am)

Product: Defi D Turbo Boost Gauge ($112)


1.) Start out by removing the glove box. It should take no more than a minute to remove the glove box out. It's really easy. Once the glove box is removed, go back to the engine bay. Behind the passenger shock tower you should see a black rubber grommet. Carefully manipulate your hand in the limited amount of space and push the grommet through the firewall. It should pop out inside the car. Have someone keep an eye out on the inside to track the grommet as it pops out. This is what you should see when after the grommet is pushed into the car.



2.) Get the grommet from inside the car and prep it for the vacuum line. The Defi vac line is pretty thick in diameter so you will need a large drill bit to make and enlarge the hole. Work slow and increase the bit size until the proper clearance is made. Below you will see the line slid into the grommet.


3.) Once the hole is made into the grommet, I suggest you route the vacuum line for the boost gauge.
Have someone inside the car feed the line through this hole. The other person should grasp the line from the engine bay and pull out some line.
Below you can see the line through the firewall with the grommet put back in. The grommet will take some force from the inside of the car to be put back into it's spot. You might need the help of something long to push on the grommet. We used an ASP baton. You can use your hands to push on it some more.


4.) Once the line is routed into the engine bay, give yourself enough slack to be able to connect to the FPR line. Make sure the inside has enough slack also to be routed towards the steering column. Once vacuum line length was confirmed and all was well, we went ahead and tapped into the appropriate FPR line.
Cut and put your "T" into this line here. I removed the plastic coil wrap. The line is cut in half and the "T" connected. Here's the finished product. I went ahead and ziptied the connections and also wrapped conduit/wire loom around the vacuum line to give it a presentable look. The line was ziptied to the strut bar to tidy things up a bit.



5.) That pretty much takes care of the engine part of the install. You should be able to see the vacuum line inside the car now. You will need to route it to the driver's side. We routed the line from the passenger side underneath and went where the arrow is pointing. Now mount your defi gauge in a gauge pod and enjoy reading your boost accurately.




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