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Install Tips: EVO Rear Bumper Shield SS
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Installing Rear Bumper Evo Heatshield Stainless Model  - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII 03-05 GSR, MR, RS


Published By:  Justin Hamel  (December 13th, 2004 at 4:21pm)

Product: Rear Bumper EVO Heatshield Stainless - Lancer Evolution VIII 03-05


Three days after installing my GReddy Titanium cat-back exhaust on my EVO, I about fainted when I looked at the rear bumper! My bumper was no longer white in color: it was tinted brown and the GReddy TI exhaust was doing a number on my paint. Luckily this $18 miracle was invented for situations like this and boy was I happy to save my bumper for only 18 dollars :) Installation is easy and takes about 20 minutes, I recommend installing this part the same time you upgrade your exhaust.


1.) The kit includeds the pre-cut and drilled stainless panel and 5 self-drilling screws needed for installation. The panel comes flat, to save you shipping and packing costs. You will be able to gently bend the thin metal over your knee slowly with your hands. The panel comes in a natural finish, but you can easily "grain" it with a scotch-brite pad if you like that look.

EVO Rear Bumper Heat Shield - Lancer EVO


2.) Oh boy look at this sooty bumper... Nasty! It is easier to install this piece with the rear muffler box off. It is easy to remove, just 2 bolts and slide it out of the rubber hangers! If you look at the above picture you can see how to bend this piece. Bend a little, then test fit on the car. The metal is thin enough that is will form to the bumper as you install it, so just get the general shape going....



3.) Starting at the center hole, hold the stainless flush with the back of the bumper cutout and mark the first screw location with a marker. Then you can remove the metal and start the screw, drive it in a ways, then take it out. This will make it easier to install. With the metal in place, drive the first screw in.



4.) Now that it is held in place, work your way to each end, installing each screw. Make sure you do not get off. If you find it difficult to drive in the screws, you can drill a small pilot hole. Re-install the rear muffler and enjoy not having to scrape off soot.



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