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Install Tips: 2pc EVO Bushings
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Installing 2pc Stiff EVO8 Under Hood Bushings  - Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII 03-05 GSR, MR, RS


Published By:  Justin Hamel  (December 13th, 2004 at 11:21am)

Product: 2pc Stiff EVO 8 Under-hood bushings

The stock rubber bushings work fine to get your EVO off the show room floor. But what happens 3-5 years later and the rubber starts depleting and your shifting suffers from this cheap material? We have a fix for this little issue and it will take about a half hour for install! This is a 2pc bushing kit that replaces the 2 stock rubber bushings on the shifter cables under the hood of your Evolution VIII. This is a full kit for your EVO8 with 2 bushings, clips, sandpaper, and detailed directions.


1.) Remove the negative and positive connectors from the battery, loosen the 2 battery hold down bolts, and remove the battery. To remove the tray, remove the 2 bolts and nuts, and the 10mm bolts that secures the solenoid to the back of the tray. The tray should lift right out, giving you better access to the shift cables.

2pc Under-hood Stiff Bushings Kit  - Lancer EVO


2.) To remove the cable ends, first pull the cotter clip and washer if fitted. You should then be able to slide the cable end with the stock rubber bushings off the pin. You can pull the cables out of thier mounts if needed to get the end off the pin. Use the included emery cloth to clean the pin of any rust or junk that would prevent the new bushing from sliding freely on the pin

3.) To remove the old rubber bushings from the cable end, push one side of the rubber with a screwdriver and it should pop right out! Slide the new brass bushing in as shown and secure with an E-clip. The side with the clip should face out (or up). The key is to not get the bushing cocked as you are installing it into the cable end. To install the clip, you can tap it in with a small hammer or squeeze it in with pliers.

4.) It is a good idea to lube the pin a bit with anti-seize or MP grease. Install the cable with new bushing onto the pin, making sure that you have removed any washers that were on the pin. The cable will need no washers, just put the cotter clip back in and enjoy the sharper shifting in your Lancer EVO



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